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Speaker Biography

Eric Pickles

 Eric Pickles
Eric has a long career of work in local Government and working for local communities.

Born in Keighley, he was educated at Greenhead Grammar School and Leeds Polytechnic. He become a councillor, and went on to be Leader of Bradford City Council. Having run a multi-culturally diverse city like Bradford, Eric is committed to improving community harmony and encouraging communities to live and work together. His experience of the economic difficulties of great northern cities like Bradford spurred his commitment to improving local services and helping people by providing low council tax and value for money. Eric is committed to giving people a greater say over how their communities are run, and wants to hand power down to them through local Government.

Before becoming an MP, Eric was a Member of Yorkshire Regional Health Authority and National Co-Chairman of the Joint Committee Against Racism. He has previously worked as a Consultant in Employment Practice and Local Government Editor for Conservative Newsline. He was elected as Member of Parliament for Brentwood and Ongar in 1992, and has held many Front Bench posts including Shadow Minister for Transport and Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party.

Eric has led a number of high profile campaigns, including one against garden grabbing and back garden development, and another against plans for a revaluation of council tax which would have increased bills for families across the country.


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