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We provide broadcast quality media services and use our specialist knowledge and expertise to offer intelligence based solutions for business, trade and professional associations private and public sector organisations who recognise the growing power of online video and TV.

Live and on demand broadcasting

We capture the unique content of conferences, seminars, annual lectures, AGM’s, important membership and stakeholder events. Economically affordable online TV produced to broadcast quality. Transforming and reusing content from unique and important live events. Ensuring value for money from major and expensive events with the live and on demand hosting and streaming service.

Subscriber catalogue

A managed catalogue with controlled pay wall, password protection - ideal for hosting your briefing, training, online learning and key video and digital materials that need to be accessed any time anywhere.
The unique and powerful Policy Review TV content management and delivery service that is transforming the way executive, professional and specialist audiences get their intelligence, video and research.


Includes a full consultation service to support government, local government, statutory bodies in official processes. Adds interactive TV with online consultation infrastructure. Reaches beyond the NIMBY, engages with whole communities, opens greater equality of access and reduces the burden on senior officers or repeated presentations.

Private Broadcast

For staff, client and stakeholder discussions, chief executive or director consultations, promotions or product launches – functions across the UK, Europe and across the globe. Controlled, secure, password protected environment and very cost effective.

Marketing and communications

Online TV works best when it is effectively marketed to its audience, especially if they are not your membership of traditional audience - we plan, manage and deliver marketing campaigns to ensure clients get the right message to the right audience

Research and consultancy

Our team of experts, with experience gained over 15 years, offers clients advice and guidance on creating high value programmes on policy matters based on market research, knowledge and intelligence


From any major city in the world, live or hosted. We broadcast the British Council Going Global 2011 from Hong Kong earlier this year with 1,100 delegates including simultaneous live stream programming and post event on demand hosting of documents and video

Campaign and dissemination

For communications and marketing directors who need fast turn-around TV enabling them to respond to current events, government consultations, white papers, bills, stakeholder engagement and other official announcements Includes the First Talk TV format from our Westminster Studios.

Measurable ROI, insight and reporting

Detailed analytical reports including Google, social media, email and viewers enables you to demonstarte your enagement with key audiences.