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Party conferences 

The following examples illustrate outside broadcast work we've completed for a variety of clients at their
own party conference events as well as delegate reations at the 2011 conferences.

Conservative Party Conference 2011

Labour Party Conference 2011

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Reactions of conference-goers and exhibitors to the announcement that Council Tax will be frozen for another year - 


Conservative Party Conference 2011 – BITC/Fujitsu fringe  

The Co-operative Group and Local Government Association 
Is the Future Mutual? Can public sector mutuals transform service delivery? 

The Smith Institute and NAPF (National Association of Pension Funds)  Solving The Pensions Crisis 

Previous years party conferences:

Conference report: Iain Dale - Conservatives 09

Meeting: 2020 Public Services Trust - Labour 09 

Fringe: Ernst & Young - Conservatives 09

Conference report: Simon Fanshawe - Labour 09 

Fringe:Cambridge Assessment Conservatives 10

Conference report: Iain Dale - Conservatives 10

Fringe: Care - Liberal Democrats 10

Fringe: Analyis programme - Labour 08

Fringe: Education - Liberal Democrats 10


Fringe meeting: David Milliband - Labour 08