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Labour Party Annual Conference - Sunday
21 Sep 2008
Held at Manchester Central from 20-24 September
Sunday 21 September - Focus on foreign policy As Gordon Brown's main leadership rival, Foreign Secretary David Miliband is attracting attention at this year's conference. Speaking at a Fabian Society lunchtime fringe event entitled Can foreign policy be a Labour strength?, he observed that "...foreign policy for Labour has generally been a big issue for us for losing us votes rather than winning us votes - where it has been a big issue at all." In support of his argument he cited the 1983 general election when Labour was committed to unilateral nuclear disarmament and, at the last election, the war with Iraq. Delegate recation to David Miliband appeared to be positive with favourable comments about him being sincere and forward looking and having a sense of urgency to address the Palestine Israel issue. However, for some the priority at the moment is not foreign policy but rather closer to home where there are concerns about rising prices. Labour's annual conference is the main event in the party's political calendar and a crucial point in its policy making process. policyreview.tv is providing online coverage from each day of the conference, recording interviews, fringe meetings and gauging the reaction of delegates and pundits.
David Miliband MP
Keynote address

Report from day on the fringe
Audience reaction - Britain in the World

Rushanara Ali
Lessons from America: can hope win?

Bill Barnard
Lessons from America: can hope win?

Peter Kellner
Lessons from America: can hope win?

David Lammy MP
Lessons from America: can hope win?

Stryker McGuire
Lessons from America: can hope win?


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