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Conservative Party Annual Conference - Tuesday
30 Sep 2008
Held in Birmingham from 28 September to 01 October
Education David Willetts MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills talks about a range of issues from careers guidance, A levels and the new 14-19 Diplomas to tuition fees and developments in higher education. Asked what he thought about Gordon Brown’s proposals to increase broadband access to poorer families, he said that they were “…excellent initiatives..the question is of course how they can be delivered and whether he’s got the resources to deliver them.” On the subject of information, advice and guidance, Willetts wants to see “proper, independent careers advice in schools”. Having talked to young people, he sometimes questioned their choice of A’ levels, which can appear to be “a very eccentric mix”, in relation to their chosen degree courses and career aspirations – “you think, who advised them that these were sensible A’level options if they want to become an engineer, for example”, he added. Local and regional government Listen to Hammersmith and Fulham Council Leader Stephen Greenhalgh give his forthright view that “Council Tax is one of the most hated taxes in the country”. Supporting Shadow Chancellor George Osborne’s proposals to provide incentives to councils that can reduce overheads without compromising core services, he also spoke of the need to reduce the number of targets. What people are looking for is best value for money, he said. James Morris, Chief Executive of Localis wants local government to have more discretion over spending on services. Asked whether he thought a Conservative government would be willing to give away power at a local level, he said that they supported the view that the future of politics had to be about the re-engagement of people. This would mean local residents having a more direct say in the decisions that are being made. policyreview.tv will be providing online coverage from each day of the conference, recording interviews, fringe meetings and gauging the reaction of delegates and pundits.
David Willetts MP
Interview - education policies

Councillor Stephen Greenhalgh
Interview - the challenge for local government

James Morris
Interview - the challenge for local government

Stephen O'Brien - Shadow Health Minister
Interview - health policies

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Universities: Driving economies from Hertfordshire to Silicon Valley
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Michael Gove MP - Ask me anything
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Preparing for power: How can Government be made fit for purpose?
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