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Graduate Employability 2012 #grademployability
29 Feb 2012
This conference was held at Westminster Studio, 10 Greycoat Place, London SW1P 1SB
Improving Understanding among students, institutions, business; avoiding "Generation Crunch”. This conference looked at initiatives to improve graduate employability, highlighting the need for a diverse and holistic approach to improving employability skills. A degree no longer guarantees a job. Institutions need to embed employability proficiency into courses and students must look outside the classroom to enhance their skill set through work placements, internships, voluntary and community work. As fees rise universities will work harder to attract students and employability will be a focus for many prospective students. Desires and demands from all sides must be more transparent to ensure today's student is supported to becomes tomorrow's valuable employee. This conference showcased the tools and innovations that students, institutions, professional bodies, trade bodies, skills providers, employers and the government are engaging to drive us through this demanding time. How do graduates of 'generation crunch’ emerge as individuals better equipped for employment in a global market?
Registration and refreshments
Aaron Porter, Higher Education Consultant and Journalist
Chair's opening remarks

Paul Marshall, Chief Executive, Association of Business Schools (ABS)
Graduate Employability: developing the right skills

Andy Westwood, Chief Executive, Guild HE
Graduate Employability: busting myths - what does the labour market data really say?

Jane Artess, Director of Research, Higher Education Careers Services Unit (HECSU)
Graduate prospects: empowering students with improved access to career information and planning (Session one - Setting the scene)

Questions and online feedback from audience
Refreshments, networking and exhibition
Julia Hobsbawm, Visiting Professor in Networking, Cass Business School; Chief Operating Officer, Editorial Intelligence
Modern networking: how to connect face-to-face in the Facebook age

Andy Palmer, Director of Education and Skills, BT; Non-Executive Board Member, Ofsted
What role for employers in enhancing employability – it’s time to stop sniping from the sidelines

Marc Lintern, Treasurer, Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS); Head of Employability, Plymouth University
Threading employability through the student experience

Liz Walkley, Programme Manager, CFE – Research and consultancy specialists in employment and skills
Global graduates into global leaders

Questions and online feedback from audience
Buffet lunch, networking and exhibition
Libby Hackett, Director, University Alliance
More than just a degree: stories of empowered students

Sophie Livingstone, Chief Executive, City Year
Giving back to get ahead

Lewis Coakley, Higher Education Union Development Officer, National Union of Students (NUS)
Enrolment to commencement: issues with graduate employability

What's on now:
Questions and online feedback from audience
Refreshments, networking and exhibition
Seminar A: Placements, career development and employability: what works for students, employers and universities
Gill Frigerio, Course Director, Management of Student Work Experience, Career Studies Unit, Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Warwick

Seminar B: Mentoring for graduate transitions: experiences from an employability and employer engagement initiative
Dr Judie Gannon, Principal Lecturer-Programme Lead, Postgraduate Hospitality, Oxford Brookes University

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