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Supporting Creative Industries 2008
22 Apr 2008
3rd National Conference held at Crowne Plaza, Liverpool

The Government’s Creative Economy Strategy sets out what more needs to be done to support the creative industries to reach their full potential and turn Britain into the ‘world’s creative hub’. This major annual conference looked at how these proposals are to be delivered and explored the recommendations to strengthen skills supply through greater collaboration with industry, apprenticeships, investment in research and new dedicated institutions. Leading speakers also discussed how to establish an effective local and regional infrastructure which ensures creative industries have access to business, IP and funding support, and ultimately contribute to regional and national economic development. Feargal Sharkey, Chief Executive of British Music Rights, makes clear the value of "being creative" to the UK economy, stating that the creative industry is "...one of the fastest growing sectors and has been for the last 10 years..." and that it "...now contributes more to UK PLC than all of the construction industry, all of the pensions industry, all of the insurance industry and twice as much as all of the pharmaceuticals industries put together".