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14-19 Funding Conference
01 Apr 2008
Local Authorities, Schools and Colleges working together. Held at New Connaught Rooms, London

Moving the responsibility for £7bn of 16-19 funding from the Learning and Skills Council to Local Authorities from 2010/11 has significant implications for strategic leadership, planning and delivery of young people's learning in the FE and Skills sector. Attended by senior leaders in schools and colleges, Local Authorities and Children's Services, work-based learning providers, diploma consortia and other decision makers and experts in the field of further education and skills, this conference mapped out the uncertainties that come with these changes and provided an opportunity for delegates to discuss possible solutions and explore options of sharing experiences. Listen to keynote speaker, Rt Hon Charles Clarke MP, Former Secretary of State for Education and Skills, say that "...it is widely accepted that this phase of education from 14-19 is one in which in this country ...we've not done as well as we need". A lack of coherence, funding regimes which have been chopped and changed over the years and a variety of institutional provision have, said Charles Clarke, "...often made it very very difficult for the average young person to be able to identify clearly their own path and find their own fulfilment for what they're trying to achieve".