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Fair Energy Summit
17 Dec 2012
Broadcast from Central London

Headline Speakers

Policy Review Intelligence hosts this timely roundtable which will bring together high-profile policy makers, experts, consumer groups, industry leaders and providers for an informed policy discussion looking at what is needed to give consumers the confidence that they are paying a fair price for the energy that they use.

Energy and in particular its cost (along with the profits of energy companies) continue to be an ongoing public policy concern. The average annual household bill for gas and electric has increased from approximately £500 in 2006, to over £1200 in 2011 – with many firms announcing fresh price rises in recent weeks. This has led to both policy-makers and the regulator OFGEM announcing new measures.

The summit will look at practical non-legislative/voluntary measures and policies that the industry itself could implement to help consumers, as well as look at further regulatory reforms that might be required to deliver a fairer deal for consumers.


Paul Lewis, Presenter, BBC Moneybox;
Rt Hon Ed Davey MP, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change; Andrew Wright, Senior Partner (Markets), OFGEM; Tony Cocker, Chief Executive, E.ON; Simon Read, Personal Finance Editor, The Independent; Audrey Gallacher, Director of Energy, Consumer Focus; Nigel Mason, Business Development Manager, Co-operative Energy; Reg Platt, Research Fellow, IPPR; Phil Bentley, Managing Director, British Gas; Tom Wright, Group CEO, Age UK; Nicola Smith, Policy Adviser, Barnardo's;