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Universities and the Built Estate
14 May 2009
Continuing sustainable development through an economic downturn. Held at the One America Square Conference Centre

This conference brought together leaders and senior managers in estates, facilities, learning and teaching, finance and organisational development to map the future direction of the HE sector and the implications for built estate planning and development to secure the future of institutions in the UK. Key speakers: David Strong, Chair, Directive Implementation Advisory Group and John Plumridge MRICS RIBA, Director of Projects, AIMS ltd.

John O’Leary
Editor, Policy Review Magazine

Peter James
Professor of Environmental Management, University of Bradford

David Strong
Chief Executive, Inbuilt Ltd, and Chair, Directive Implementation Advisory Group

Dan Gibbons
Associate Director, bere:architects

Questions and discussion
Session 1

Reece Andrew
Director of Facilities, University of Hull

David Peeks
Commercial Director, Lancaster University

Julian Robinson
Director of Planning Development, London School of Economics

Tim Pryce
Public Sector Manager, Carbon Trust

Questions and discussion
Session 2

Virginia Cinquemani
Education and Healthcare Sector Manager, BREEAM

Simon Kemp
National Code Administrator, Unipol Student Homes

John Plumridge MRICS RIBA
Director of Projects, AIMS ltd

Dr Steve Lloyd & Paul Manley
Energy management – getting it right at your university

Questions and discussion
Session 3