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Domestic Violence
25 Nov 2008
6th Annual Conference - Improving Service Provision - Delivering Protection and Support

The provision and access of specialised support services are vital for the safety and justice of the over three million women across the UK who experience domestic and sexual violence each year. The introduction of an additional 30 specialised domestic violence courts across England and Wales and the roll out of MARACs nationally, further shows how important it is that protective measures are backed up with domestic violence services. The recently published inquiry into domestic violence by the Home Affairs Select Committee outlines a number of recommendations for the provision of services, including the availability of refuges and emergency housing for victims and perpetrator services. Bringing together families of victims, representatives from education, the police, probation, crown prosecution services, the health service, local authorities and voluntary organisations, this conference set out the latest policy developments and discussed how best to provide services and prevent domestic and sexual violence from happening and recurring.