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Seaside Towns Economic Partnership Roundtable
22 Aug 2011

Part of a series of roundtable discussions hosted by Locality. This event on 22nd August 2011 brought together the partners developing a Seaside Towns Economic Partnership (STEP) with a group of critical friends to debate the viability, scope and structure of a vehicle to generate investment in British seaside towns. 

The STEP is a collaboration of seaside towns focused on investment and skillsharing to bring a new and unique offer that can realise social and economic gains for seaside towns.

The ‘leap of faith’ underpinning the STEP is that seaside towns have great value, yet to be unlocked. With the appropriate mechanisms, investment and re-investment will enable seaside towns to release and capture that latent value. A key feature is that the investment will be directed by those with knowledge of seaside towns, sharing profit with seaside towns for re-investment, while spreading skills and the capacity to capitalise on that investment, raising the profile both politically and across new visitor, resident and business markets.

Download Seaside Towns Economic Partnership (STEP) briefing
Download Coastal Towns’ CLG Committee 2006-7
Download Review of Issues & Evidence Fothergill 2007
Download Government Response to Coastal Towns Report May 2007
Download Update note on Coastal Towns’ CLG Committee 2010
Download An Asset and a Challenge’ English Heritage Oct 2007
Download Coastal Regeneration Handbook’ CCA 2010
Download England’s Smaller Seaside Towns: A Benchmarking Study’ March 2011
Download Seaside Resorts Action Plan

To find out more visit: www.seasidetowns.org


Introducing the STEP: Challenges for the British Seaside
Responses: Challenges for the British Seaside
What's on now:
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