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Social Enterprise
This policy briefing contains carefully selected video presentations, a detailed research index and supporting documents, including case studies. The briefing is an ideal training tool for senior managers covering the key areas of policy development, future strategy and best practice.

Headline Speakers


This policy briefing contains presentations from experts who explain their experiences of applying mutual and social enterprise models to the wider society.

Mutual and social enterprise models are a recognised way of engaging staff in the ownership of change and innovation. An increased focus from media and from politicians on ‘employee ownership’, ‘mutual ownership’, ‘co-operatives, and ‘social enterprise’, has lead to questions around how employee ownership can be used to give public sector staff greater ownership and control over their work, how services are delivered and how their organisation is run.

Not only are mutuals and social enterprise being hailed as the future of public service delivery, public sector staff are being encouraged to 'spin out' from the state to sell their services back. The Cabinet Office Minister, Francis Maude MP, has announced a number of 'pathfinder' spin out mutuals ranging from heath, housing and children's service to empower public sector workers to become their own boss and help them to deliver better services.

 Learning outcomes

This briefing provides you with leading presentations and research papers on the future of social enterprise. Users will:

  • Listen to authoritative and authentic content from people leading change, including the Cabinet Office Minister leading public sector reform
  • Understand the rationale behind change
  • Learn about the enterprise development journey
  • Use a case study review to learn how one organisation implemented change and the valuable lessons learned
  • Gain a wider understanding from leading websites and information centres provided
  • Understand the terminology and implications behind the spinout pathfinder mutuals



Presentation 1: Rt Hon Francis Maude MP, Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General The philosophy behind change
A summary of the public sector reform and the rationale behind the changes. It examines the overall “loose, tight” approach to reform and why the government thinks it is essential that staff take “ownership” of their organisations and their future.

Presentation 2: Claire Phillips, Acting Chief Executive, Local Partnerships Which way to go, understanding the options
Faced with an authority who wants to do something different, this presentation discusses the options and choices. It examines the enterprise development journey: getting started, option appraisal, mapping the journey, as well as risks, challenges and enabling mechanisms.

Presentation 3: Andrew Burnell, Chief Executive, City Health Care Partnership (CHCP) Adding value through the CHCP Community Interest Company
This case study explains how the City Health Care Partnership in Hull implemented their enterprise and provides lessons for everyone thinking about making the societal changes.

What's on now:
Presentation 4: Mark Sesnan, Managing Director, Greenwich Leisure Limited Exploring the barriers and opportunities of social enterprise
A case study of the challenges, successes and journey of Greenwich Leisure Ltd. As a social enterprise providing management sport and leisure facilities, Greenwich Leisure has come a long way since its formation in 1993 towards 100 centres and £100M turnover. With a social purpose, Greenwich Leisure Ltd formed to avoid closures and redundancies, a familiar position for the 2011 spinout pathfinder mutuals.

Presentation 5: Graeme Nuttall and Neil Palmer, Partners, Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP Implementing the right model for your social enterprise and mutual
An exploration of the terminology existing in spinning out, plus examples of employee mutuals within the NHS; staff engagement; implementing effective transformation, and the legal, tax and commercial considerations when establishing a social enterprise.

Research Index Contents: Official statements and documents, Professional Associations, Case Studies, Path Finder Mutuals, Useful Links

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