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International Student Experience in Higher Education
28 Apr 2009
6th Annual Conference. Held at Cavendish Conference Centre, London

Recruitment and retention of international students play an important role in the multiculturalism of UK universities. However, for UK institutions to become truly international and engaged in a globalised higher education sector, considerations have to go beyond attracting international students and take into account more complex challenges that will shape their experience in the UK.

Phil Woolas MP
Ministerial keynote address

John O Leary
Introduction and welcome

Dominic Scott
Bringing the world to the UK

Will Archer
What do international students get out of the UK student experience and how can institutions improve it?

Professor Paul Webley
Providing the right environment for international students

Professor Malcolm Gillies
Making international student experience a priority – lessons from overseas

Phil Woolas MP
Question and answer

Pat Killingley
Education UK; how can your institution work with the British Council and how can the UK be more responsive to market demands?

Veronica Lasanowski
The figures in light of PMI2

Question and answer session 2


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