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Further Education and Skills Inspection

Headline Speakers

This policy and management briefing contains presentations from college leaders and OFSTED inspectors, providing a unique resource for institutions approaching inspection, or simply seeking to improve processes, practices and data in order to be inspection-ready. Inspections are a fundamental part of college life, and can be an opportunity to promote best practice and initiate organisational change. With detailed case studies and practical advice from colleges rated 'outstanding', and an insider's view of OFSTED's expectations and priorities under the new Inspection Framework, these specially selected presentations are intended to inspire discussion and provide ideas on how your college can become or remain outstanding too.

This briefing explores the opportunities for development represented by inspection, and what colleges must prioritise to achieve outstanding results under the new OFSTED framework. Users will:

  • Examine the quality of provision for learners, focusing on outstanding teaching and learning
  • Hear about guidelines for self-assessment, and successful self-assessment programmes
  • Learn how to prepare, train and motivate teaching staff before and during an inspection
  • Look at the challenges of integrating safeguarding and equality and diversity into current practice for impact assessments
  • Hear from 'outstanding' providers on how best to involve and engage learners and staff in the inspection process
  • Understand the importance of leadership at all levels for a successful inspection


How to become an outstanding provider Asha Khemka | Principal And Chief Executive, West Nottinghamshire College
This presentation paints a picture of what an outstanding provider looks like, and sets out the key ingredients for providers looking to achieve an 'outstanding' rating. These include effective, inspirational leadership, and creating a culture in which staff and student motivation, community engagement, excellent communication, and a sense of ownership over the college by all staff and students, are the norm.

Engaging learners and staff before and during the inspection process Gill Worgan | Principal and Chief Executive, West Hertfordshire College
Student and staff engagement is crucial to a good inspection, and college nominees and leaders have a duty to address this. The presentation guides viewers through when to engage staff and students, what to engage them with, and how to pre-empt their worries and fears over the inspection process. It explains how to utilise self-assessment and quality improvement plans to motivate teaching staff, how to make sure governors are well-informed, and how to engage learners and keep them engaged during the inspection.

Setting the scene John Hayes MP | Minister of State for Further Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning (jointly with the Department for Education)
This presentation emphasises the positive effects of inspection and the opportunities it presents to highlight and spread good practice. The government's vision is to reduce the burden of inspection on high-performing providers, and reduce bureaucracy overall. Its new proposals have a balance of flexibility and accountability at their heart, and place more of an emphasis on the needs of learners and local communities than on central government targets.

Leadership and management ahead of and during the inspection Dave Harding | Vice-Principal for Adults, Barnsley College
This presentation uses Barnsley College's journey from 'unsatisfactory' in 2003 to 'outstanding in all areas' in 2010 as an example of how effective leadership can transform a provider's culture and its learner outcomes. Fundamental to this is engendering the belief that a college is outstanding in all members of staff. Leaders must be aware of their college's strengths and where they can develop, and keep specific outcomes in mind. The presentation also looks at long and short-term planning, how to allocate responsibilities to staff, engagement and communication at all stages of preparation and inspection.

Improving safeguarding and equality/diversity strategies Tony Lau-Walker | Chief Executive, Eastleigh College; UK Skills Commissioner
This explores how to broaden definitions of safeguarding and equality/diversity to take a holistic view of both areas. Rather than seeing them as a technical specialism, they can be learner-centred and integrated into what a provider already does. Some ideas taken from the case study of Eastleigh College include setting up LGBT groups or themes, promoting mental health awareness, and setting up online training units which can be used by college staff and the staff of all college partners, as well as raising the involvement of community groups and local employers. The presentation highlights communication and consultation as key to changing behaviour.

Inspection visits in the classroom – how to prepare your pupils and teachers? Mike Tweedale | Vice Principal, Kingston College
Preparation for inspection concerns what goes on in the classroom every day, and not just when inspectors arrive. Taking this as a guiding principle, this presentation gives examples of how teachers can be actively engaged in preparation, and how ongoing self-assessment can become an integral part of teachers' everyday practice. It provides a detailed study of what happens during an inspection, and encourages viewers to rate their own institutions and check their readiness.

The future of inspection for the Further Education and Skills sector Lorna Fitzjohn | Divisional Manager, Learning and Skills, OFSTED
This presentation sets out the changes to OFSTED's Inspection Framework, and takes a detailed look at new proposals and priorities. It outlines the areas where there is an increased focus; what remains unchanged; and what grades and judgements will cease to exist. This is connected to policy developments, and the presentation concludes with the timeline for the implementation of the new framework.

Excellence in leadership before and during inspection Sue Higginson | Assistant Principal, Quality & Strategic Developments, Wirral Metropolitan College
In this extended 40-minute session, which charts the journey of a nominee leading up to inspection, messages about importance of engagement and long-term preparation are reinforced. The presentation looks at the 'jigsaw' of elements necessary to lead a provider into a successful inspection, including preparing and maintaining data, organising evidence, and managing the process. Questions from audience members on evidence, communication during inspection, and keeping staff focused when problems arise, can be used as starting points for your own discussion.

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