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Laura Richards

 Laura Richards
Laura is a criminal behavioural psychologist who has worked in intelligence and serious crime for the last decade at New Scotland Yard. She advises the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), Police Services across the UK and the Home Office on violent crime and public protection, as well as Co-ordinated Action against Domestic Abuse (CAADA) and has more recently been involved in assessing the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARACs) across the UK.

Laura was responsible for developing the Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Honour based Violence (DASH 2009) Risk Identification, Assessment and Management Model on behalf of ACPO and in partnership with CAADA. The DASH is currently being implemented across the UK which ensure one common risk framework across police services and MARACs to identify high risk cases. Laura was also responsible for instigating the Multi-agency Domestic Homicide Reviews working with the Solicitor General and the Home Office, influencing legislative change in the UK. She continues to work with the Home Office developing guidance on the Multi-agency Domestic Homicide Reviews and set up the first Homicide Prevention Unit in the UK, as well as heading up the Violent Crime Intelligence and Analysis Unit in the Metropolitan Police Service. She was responsible for establishing third party reporting and intelligence protocols with the first Sexual Assault Referral Site (the Haven) in London.

Laura is also Director of Operations and co-founder of Protection Against Stalking (PAS) which was established by three mothers Tricia Bernal, Carol Faruqui and Stella Moore, whose daughters, Clare, Rana and Tania were murdered by their stalkers. PAS, in partnership with the Suzy Lamplugh Trust and Network for Surviving Stalking, have set up the first National Stalking Helpline which was launched in April 2010. Laura currently undertakes case work on the high risk cases referred to her by the Helpline.

Laura provides advice on rape, domestic violence and stalking cases, as well as on homicides including so-called ‘honour killings’. She currently trains officers and practitioners, nationally and internationally, on risk identification, assessment and management.

Laura has spent several months training and working with the Behavioural Analysis Units at the National Centre for the Analysis of Violent Crime within the FBI. She has received three commendations for tenacity, leadership and her work on homicide prevention, as well as receiving the Silver Standard Award for her work on hate crime at the 9th British Diversity Awards ceremony. Laura is co-author of the recently published ‘Policing Domestic Violence’ book, which is part of the Practical Policing Guide series published by Oxford University Press.


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