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Speaker Biography

Deborah Quilgars

Deborah Quilgars is a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Housing Policy, University of York. She has nearly twenty years experience in conducting research on homelessness and housing and support issues. She was co-author of the 1993 (then) Department of the Environment study Single Homeless People and has conducted a number of studies on youth homelessness, health and homelessness and housing support for vulnerable groups including people with mental health problems. Deborah has directed a number of evaluations of pilot projects designed to prevent or address homelessness, including support services for homeless families and resettlement services for ex-prisoners. She is currently evaluating the Department for Education Teenage Parent Supported Housing Pilot. She directed the study for the Department of Communities and Local Government on the extent and nature of accommodation and housing related support services for households at risk of domestic violence (Quilgars and Pleace, forthcoming).


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