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Speaker Biography

Charlotte Ramsey

Interim Head of Service for Children’s Centre’s, North East Lincolnshire Council

Charlotte Ramsey commenced her current post, within the Children and Family Services Directorate of North East Lincolnshire Council in 2009.

Educated at Lindsey Comprehensive, Charlotte went on to Grimsby College to pursue a teaching qualification. Charlotte taught Health and Social Care / Childcare at Grimsby College until 1999, transferring onto the Sure Start Local Programme, teaching Parenting Classes through a voluntary organisation.
Charlotte attained the post of Programme Manager in 2001.

Charlotte’s current role encompasses developing the whole Children’s Centre’s service within North East Lincolnshire ensuring integrated working and value for money attitudes are adopted. The outline of the service is to ensure deployment of a range of services from Local Authority, Health and Voluntary Sectors, to engage children and their families. The impact of the service being to improve the quality of life for children and families, thus raising aspirations within the local and wider community to reduce Childhood Poverty.

Charlotte has recently completed the National Professional Qualification in Centre Leadership.


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