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Speaker Biography

Simon Roberts

Co-Principal Investigator (Intel), Ethnography, Intel Digital Health Group

Simon Roberts, a graduate of the University of Edinburgh and experienced applied anthropologist, manages the EMEA ethnographic team of Health Research and Innovation, Digital Health Group. Simon’s role is to build a team of world class social science researchers whose work can shape innovative technology platforms that extend the possibilities for successful ageing-in-place.
Simon is co-PI on the Global Experiences of Ageing project. This is a major study examining older people, their ideas about health and ageing and healthcare systems worldwide. During 2006, this project focused on Europe. In 2007, the research team’s focus will shift to Asia. He is also the Intel lead on the social science aspects of the TRIL Centre research agenda. Simon has published widely on consumer and domestic technology and the use of anthropology in business. He is a member of the Association of Social Anthropologists and a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute and a Member of the Intellect Digital Convergence Council. He has been active in establishing a dialogue between anthropologists practicing in the public and private sectors, and their academic counterparts.