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Graham Robb

 Graham Robb
Graham Robb was one of the Heads introducing restorative approaches in schools when he was Headteacher of Drayton School and was a member of the Youth Justice Board from 2004 - 2012 . As a Head and in the YJB Graham worked with Sir Charles Pollard to champion restorative practice in multi-agency work with young offenders, emphasising the potential of restorative justice as a learning experience for young people, building both emotional intelligence and life skills. Graham worked with Government producing guidance on issues of behaviour and safety - all of which promoted restorative work.

He now works with schools, PRUs and colleges on work around safety, criminal justice system and the prevention of violent extremism as joint director of Roho-learning.

In the YJB Graham led for the Board on secure accommodation (custody) for under 18 year olds. Graham brings experience of leadership and strategic planning for restorative practice to the Board, elected by Members as Trustee in September 2011 and elected to Chair in September 2012.


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