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Speaker Biography

Jon Pender

 Jon Pender
Jon Pender is Vice President, Global Health in GSK’s Government Affairs Department. As such, he is responsible for ensuring that GSK’s approach to sustainably improving access to medicines in the developing world reaches as many people in need as possible, whilst ensuring that incentives for investment in innovation are retained.

Jon has participated in a number of hearings, workshops, seminars, evidence sessions and other events on access to medicines and partnership issues including at the UK Parliament, European Parliament and Commission, UN, World Bank, WTO and the WHO.

Jon works with a wide-range of stakeholders including governments, NGOs, multilateral agencies, investors and the media, and represents GSK at a number of international organisations such as the WHO and WTO. He is the Board Member for the Private Sector at the Roll Back Malaria Partnership and is Chair of the IFPMA’s Global Health Committee and co-Chairs the UK’s Industry Government Forum on Access to Medicines (IGFAM).


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