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Speaker Biography

Lynne Hudgell

Lynne Hudgell has been a Senior Lecturer for Tissue Viability at Buckinghamshire New University, since 2012, responsible for developing and delivering courses related to the field of tissue viability.

She has approximately 15 years experience as a Specialist Tissue Viability Nurse with in depth knowledge and expertise in the prevention and management of tissue damage during the treatment of acute and chronic wounds; further expertise includes the leadership of the strategic development and implementation of Tissue Viability policies and procedures, drawing knowledge from International, National and Strategic groups in setting standards and best practice for tissue viability.

Lynne has over 35 years of healthcare service experience and an established record of successfully maximising the effectiveness of the healthcare service delivery through continuous improvement.

She is competent in all aspects of full lifecycle project management, with a proven ability to lead projects at all stages from inception to completion; integrates effectively with teams in order to enable the identification and resolution of operational and performance issues.