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Speaker Biography

Joe Russo

 Joe Russo
Joseph Russo is the Founder and Chief Executive of The Enthusiasm Trust and is an accredited peer reviewer for the Home Office with over 25 years’ experience in youth engagement. Enthusiasm started with a group of local people on a deprived estate who wanted to make a positive difference to their community.

Joseph Russo now oversees the development and growth of the organisation which has grown from a handful of volunteers working on one estate, to working across several neighbourhoods and cities.

Joseph has been involved in developing and strengthening best practice and national policy and his entrepreneurial approach enables him to motivate individuals and organisations to formulate sustainable solutions for their own communities.

The Enthusiasm Trust is recognised as an example of good practice by Government in respect of its work with young people who are most at risk of offending and social exclusion and is a guest speaker at universities, conferences and delivers change workshops.


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