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Speaker Biography

Deborah Rozansky

Deborah Rozansky is an expert in health policy and public health and she heads OPM’s health and social care team.

Deborah enjoys working with clients who are as passionate as she is about the role of high quality healthcare in improving people's lives. She is especially interested in the re-design of healthcare systems to deliver clinically effective, efficient and patient-centred care. In the current political context, that might mean helping NHS organisations and local communities jointly commission better health services; or it might involve engaging with patients to capture, understand and improve their experiences; or it might include working closely with front-line clinical staff to deliver measurable health improvements.

Experiences at OPM and elsewhere have taught her that positive change can be achieved with the right combination of skills, will and leadership. This triad guides her work with clients, whatever the business or policy dilemma. Deborah also likes encouraging fresh thinking. Using a variety of approaches, she has helped people discover new possibilities, consider creative solutions, and release human potential.'


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