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Speaker Biography

Steven Roberts

After completing both a degree and Phd (in geophysics) at Cambridge, Steven went on to set up his own software company to sell software to oil companies. He also worked for the accountants Robson Rhodes before joining Barclays where he has worked for twenty years in a variety of roles, but always in Operations, IT and Change.

Steven started in the UK Bank and moved into the Life Insurance and Investment areas, then into Barclays Wealth and in 2007 back into the UK Retail Bank. Over the last twenty years he has held various positions; Programme Manager, Head of Risk, Head of Strategy and Planning, Head of Change, Managing Director of Barclays International Funds Group (offshore funds), Managing Director of Woolwich Plan Managers, Head of Complaint Handling, and most recently, Operations Director. In his previous role Steven was being responsible for the “back office” for everything supporting current accounts and savings, including; cheque clearing, cash, the ATM network, Local Business BFP and Premier Operations, statement and letter printing and managing many of the largest suppliers to the Bank such as RR Donnelley and the Post office.

In his current role as Strategic Transformation Director for the UK Retail Bank, Steven is responsible for designing, developing and implementing strategies and processes that deliver "instant", error-free and transparent customer solutions.


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