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Speaker Biography

Sue Ritchie

Susan has been working with communities to improve public services in a range of roles over the last 15 years. Her career started as an academic interested in the relationship between the state and the individual. After writing the first Bachelors degree in citizenship in the country she went to Head the Governance and Participation Service in Tower Hamlets Council. There she won numerous local and national awards, which led to an invitation to work for the Home Office. She now runs her own social enterprise, which provides learning and engagement services to the public sector.

Susan has recently played a major role in the Ending Gang and Youth Violence peer reviews on behalf of the Home Office and is currently working with a number of UK emergency service organisations. Susan also recently presented a paper on the challenges to police legitimacy at the influential Higher Educational Forum PolCon 3 conference. Susan is committed to working with communities and services to build trust, confidence and positive social action.