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Jonathan Pearce

 Jonathan Pearce
Adoption UK is a national membership and support charity for adoptive families, and has been in post since 2002.

Jonathan has been closely involved in all the key adoption initiatives of recent years, contributing vital input from the perspective of adoptive families. He has a background in the Voluntary Sector, Law and Journalism. He worked for many years at the Legal Action Group (a charity campaigning for access to justice for disadvantaged groups) and also for Community Care magazine as a journalist specialising in Adoption and Children’s Issues.

He was a member of the Prime Minister’s Independent Assessment Panel on the effect of the Equality Act/Sexual Orientation Regulations on the operation of the Faith-Based Adoption Agencies between 2007 and 2009, and is currently a member of the Ministerial Advisory Group on Adoption, the Department for Education’s Adoption Stakeholder Group, as well as being a member of the Government’s Expert Working Group which has been advising on changes to the recruitment, preparation and assessment processes for prospective adopters.


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