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Speaker Biography

Greg Parston

 Greg Parston
Greg co-founded the Office for Public Management in 1988.

As CEO, he led wide-ranging strategy and change management projects in many UK public services, including the Departments of Health and Education and numerous national and local agencies. After transforming OPM into an employee-owned trust in 2006, he established the Accenture Institute for Health & Public Service Value.

As Director of IHPSV, he initiated the acclaimed Global Cities Forum, which enables citizens around the world to debate and define the role of government in improving their lives.

He was a member of HMT’s Public Service Productivity Panel, chaired the Barrow-Cadbury Commission on Young Adults and the Criminal Justice System and was on the faculties of New York University, Harvard University and the King’s Fund College.

Currently, he is chair of the English Touring Theatre, a trustee of SkillForce and working to resurrect the progressive public policy ‘do-tank’, The Public Management Foundation.


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