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Speaker Biography

Marie Rooney

Independent Travel Adviser, North Tyneside

Marie set up The Independent Travel Training Programme in 2006 with funding from the Learning and Skills Council with the support of the Transport Managers in Tyne and Wear. She was seconded from my post as Assistant Head Teacher of Beacon Hill Special School and Business and Enterprise College. The post was originally for 2 years and they are now in year 5 of a very successful programme.

Marie’s background is mainly in Special Educational Needs, teaching Deaf Children, Lecturing in F.E and Post 16 education.

At Beacon Hill School which was completed in 2009 Marie designed an Independent Travel Training Facility which includes 2 Zebra Crossings, a Puffin and Pelican Crossing, a Bus Stop and now a small Metro Station, with working ticket machine, Help Point, platform and Metro Carriage. The Facility and the Resource Base is used by all schools and the 5 Colleges in Tyne and Wear for young people to learn the skills required for safe travel and independence.

Marie established a Team which includes an Advisor, a Co-ordinator, 3 Travel Trainers and an Administration Assistant. They work across all schools and Colleges in Tyne and Wear. Maris has devised accreditation with The Open College Network for both the Trainer and the Learner. She is supported by the Transport Managers in the 5 areas of Tyne and Wear.

Marie works closely with Nexus, who support her programme intensively as well as Connexions, Work Based Learning and The Colleges. Regionally she has assisted in the setting up of similar programmes in Northumberland and Durham.

Marie also serves on the ATCO Executive Board and works closely in partnership with the Department for Transport and the Department for Education

Over the last five years Marie has provided Consultancy work Nationally and Regionally