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Antonio Rizzo

 Antonio Rizzo
Antonio has a truly eclectic background – linking musicology, information services management, and the sea – which blends to make a versatile, flexible, and creative professional. Antonio has worked for one of the major publishers in Italy, for the Coast Guard, and for public library authorities in London for 15 years. He has been a keen advocate of implementing novel services and solutions while building on the best public library tradition. He developed and delivered the award-winning Hook Centre in Kingston upon Thames, which re-housed the library provision into a truly lively community hub. He devised the Downham Model which transformed the way in which public libraries work in Lewisham. Antonio has lead one of the 10 pathfinder Future Libraries programmes funded by the UK Government and is now working at a new, replicable, and scalable model of community library provision. He is a member of the Executive of the Association of London Chief Librarians.


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