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Speaker Biography

Michelle Harrison

Michelle works with her clients across Whitehall to develop better outcomes for the users of public services. Her work encompasses customer journey research, segmentation, customer satisfaction measurement and modelling, public consultation, and policy related social research.
She regularly facilitates high level policy and strategy meetings across Whitehall. She has enjoyed facilitating many large scale public consultation programmes on behalf of government Ministers and for the Office of the Prime Minister.

Michelle has a particular interest in social trends and delivers the Annual IIPS What the Citizen Wants lecture. Previously, she was commissioned by the BBC to develop The Blair Decade, a series of programmes on social change in Britain.

Michelle is a Director of the charity Involve, and a council member of the Food Ethics Council. She has sat on numerous public bodies and commissions, including most recently the Green Fiscal Commission (2006-2009).
She was previously a Director of The Henley Centre where she worked as a consultant to business and government.


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