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Speaker Biography

Daniel Ratchford

Daniel Ratchford is Strategic Director of Environment and Leisure at the London Borough of Sutton, one of four vanguard councils for the ‘Big Society’. He leads Sutton’s work on behaviour change, including the award-winning Smarter Travel Sutton (www.smartertravelsutton.org).

Daniel has spent most of his career working in and around local government, and has held senior positions at the Audit Commission, a Primary Care Trust, and the national social care charity Turning Point. More recently, he was Assistant Chief Executive of Islington Council, and Director of Capital Ambition.

Daniel sits on the Programme Board for the National Graduate Development Programme for local government; is a Board Member of the Public Management and Policy Association; a member of the London Advisory Board for Common Purpose; and a Trustee of Keep Britain Tidy.

Daniel’s current passions are around sustainability, behaviour change, and the use of social networking to engage better with communities. He’s also learned a lot about gritting over the last couple of years.

You can follow Daniel on twitter www.twitter.com/danielratchford.