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Speaker Biography

Danielle Proctor

Danielle Procter, Corporate Director, Transformation, Efficiency and Capability Development, Local Partnerships
Danielle has a strong background in the NHS and a wealth of knowledge and experience in workforce and service redesign having worked in the NHS for over 25 years in clinical, managerial and executive leadership roles.

She has a good command of policy and guidance relating to the community, and has been involved in a number of joint community and mental health service workforce redesign programmes over the years. Following on from her NHS Career, she worked at a national level supporting policy teams to bridge the gap between policy development and implementation, and encouraged joined-up working at a policy level as part of the National Integrated Service Improvement Programme.

Prior to her time at Local Partnerships, Danielle worked for three years with the Partnerships UK Public Services team to head up a number of key client assignments, many of which required the management of complex relationships both at senior and staff level. Currently, as Corporate Director of Transformation, Efficiency and Capability Development she leads Local Partnerships’ cross-sector efficiency and improvement programme, which aims to enable public sector leaders to manage and implement the budgetary cuts and transformation sweeping the public sector.


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