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Speaker Biography

Helen Rogers

Helen Rogers, Board Secretary for Wales, The Royal College of Midwives

Helen Rogers is currently Head of the Royal College of Midwives in Wales. She is a practising midwife and since qualifying in 1980 she has undertaken a variety of clinical and managerial roles within the profession.

Prior to coming to Wales she worked for the Royal College of Midwives in the South West of England. She is passionate about the importance of the midwives role in looking after women and their families and recognises the unique opportunities afforded to midwives when providing this care.

A key part of Helen’s role is to help her team build and support a strong network of workplace representatives as she believes that they are paramount in supporting midwives and Maternity Support Workers to undertake their role.

Helen was, for a number of years, the Chair of the UK KSF group and has an M.A. in Employment Relations.