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Speaker Biography

Julie Richards

Julie Richards is a Head of Midwifery and Sexual Health services for Powys Local Health Board. Prior to moving to Powys in 2001, Julie worked as a Nurse and Midwife in the West Midlands. As a Supervisor of Midwives Julie is passionate to ensure that all women in Powys receive safe and high quality care, and has been privileged to been part of service that has seen radical change and modernisation.

Julie has recently completed her Msc in Advancing Healthcare and explored the role of Supervisor of Midwives in dealing with critical incidents through the dissertation module. Julie is currently on secondment with the LSA in Wales is passionate on the role statutory supervision of midwives plays in supporting midwives to provide sfae and quality care for women and their families.

Julie can be contacted, email julie.richards3@wales.nhs.uk