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Seeking, Learning, Returning

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Chair: Su Davis, Chair, Health Informatics Group, NPC

a) Seeking accreditation of baby friendly standards to a Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (HV) Programme: success to Stage 1 assessment
Julianne Harlow, Programme Lead Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (Health Visiting), University of Bolton, Chris Jordan, Infant feeding specialist, NHS Bolton and Martin Smith, Specialty Registrar (Public Health), NHS Central Lancashire

b) Return to Practice Health Visiting Scheme in Leicestershire County
Mandy Amin, Clinical Education Lead and Nicy Turney, Senior Nurse, Leicestershire County and Rutland Community Services

c) The Healthy Child Programme – an e-learning resource for health visitors
Prof Mitch Blair, Clinical Lead, Healthy Child Programme & Daniel Riddell, Project Manager, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

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