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Child Protection
This management briefing contains carefully selected video presentations, a detailed research index and supporting documents, including case studies. The briefing is an ideal training tool for senior managers covering the key areas of policy development, future strategy and best practice. The service enables users to access the material at a time and place convenient to them.

Headline Speakers


This management briefing contains presentations from child protection specialists on best practice and future policy developments. 

Effective child protection is essential as part of wider work to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. However, all agencies and individuals should aim to proactively safeguard and promote the welfare of children so that the need for action to protect children from harm is reduced.

Historically, the UK has had one of the best child protection systems in the world, but good practice is not yet standard practice. With a third of 29 councils deemed 'inadequate' by Ofsted in 2010, it is clear there is still much to do to ensure that every child is provided with the best possible start in life.

Learning outcomes

This briefing provides you with leading presentations and research papers on the future of child protection. Users will:

  • Listen to authoritative and authentic content from people leading change
  • Discuss the latest policy and guidance
  • Hear an update on the Munro Review of Child Protection
  • Understand the implications surrounding the publication of Serious Case Reviews
  • Discover the benefits of using volunteers to support social workers
  • Learn how to achieve an ‘outstanding’ rating from Ofsted
  • Examine a child neglect case

Presentation 1: Jeanette Pugh, Director, Safeguarding Group, Department of Education The Munro Review of Child Protection
An overview of the Munro Review of Child Protection, including an analysis of the issues, the unintended consequences of previous, well intentioned reforms, and a look at the importance of a systems approach to child protection.

Presentation 2: Jan Horwath, Professor of Child Welfare and Director of Research Child Neglect: identification and assessment
A comprehensive assessment of child neglect. This presentation follows the journey of a neglect case from early family support, child protection procedures, decisions to make care proceedings, and ultimately why the needs of children are not always met at each stage.

Presentation 3: Dr Marian Brandon, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, University of East Anglia Transparency and the publication of Serious Case Reviews
A case study examining the issues surrounding the publication of Serious Case Reviews. It addresses how cases are chosen for Serious Case Reviews and the positive and negative outcomes they can lead to. It looks at the issues involved in transparency and the public understanding of the role social workers play in child protection.

Presentation 4: Ian Curryer, Corporate Director for Children and Families, Nottingham City Council Early intervention: matching resources to local needs
How Nottingham City Council ‘got upstream’ in children’s services. This presentation follows the difficult decision to deliver previously funded projects within the mainstream budget. It illustrates how early interventions are the key principle for delivering services and looks at the steps to changing the systems, structures and cultures supporting future changes.

What's on now:
Presentation 5: Sue Gwaspari, Director of Part-time Volunteering, CSV Volunteers in child protection: a viable addition to the workforce?
The benefits of using volunteers to support social workers in child protection. Measured against the costs of other interventions: care, secure units and repeated child protection plans, the cost of using volunteers is very low. In addition to financial benefits, positive outcomes including improved attendance at school and improved behaviour in both children and parents are explained.

Presentation 6: Peter Duxbury, Director of Children's Services, Lincolnshire County Council Experience from an ‘outstanding’ local authority
Lincolnshire County Council celebrate their journey to achieving the only 'outstanding' children's service authority title. This case study portrays an account of the challenges in children's services and highlights the vital functions needed to ensure a first class child protection system.

Research Index Contents: Official statements and documents, Professional Associations, Useful Links

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