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Speaker Biography

Mark Stewart

Mark Stewart was born in 1962, in Glasgow and became Human Resources Director of Airbus UK in April 2001, after having previously been Head of HR for Airbus UK Manufacturing.

After completing his Honours Degree in Industrial Relations and a Postgraduate Diploma in Personnel Management in 1985 from the University of Strathclyde, Mark joined British Aerospace’s Commercial Aircraft business at Prestwick as a Personnel Officer.

During his time at Prestwick, Mark held a variety of roles including Employee Relations Manager, before being appointed as Head of HR in 1995 for the newly created Aerostructures Division. Following this Mark joined Royal Ordnance and held a number of roles before joining Airbus in 1999.
Mark is also a member of the People Management Board of the Society of British Aircraft Companies, a board member of Euresas and the International School of Toulouse.

In November 2007 and in addition to his current role Mark was appointed Country Manager with additional responsibilities for compliance with all national regulations such as environment, health and safety, and data protection obligations.