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Speaker Biography

Andrew Stamp

Andrew Stamp, Partner, Morgan Harris Burrows
Andrew Stamp is a business director for the Autism Diagnostic Research Centre (ADRC).

ADRC provides an inter-disciplinary service for adolescents and adults suspected of having an Autism Spectrum Disorder. The Company was set up in 2007 as a not-for-profit company by the University of Southampton and has its roots in the School of Psychology, and the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Training Programme.

The Centre brings together a range of clinical disciplines including Clinical Psychology, Neuro Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Adult and Child Psychiatry. As well as a thorough and well founded diagnosis, the assessment produces a report to help those diagnosed to have a better understanding of their condition. The report gives clear and concise guidance including recommendations for support, enabling those diagnosed to live more engaged, safe and fulfilling lives.

Andrew was parent representative on the steering group of the Southampton Young Autism Research programme (SCAmP), which demonstrated the efficacy of early intervention in the UK. From 1997 to 2009 he managed The Alexander Project, an intervention programme for Alexander Stamp who has autism (an ABA programme registered under the ISO9001 quality standard). He led the team which undertook the feasibility study for ADRC and has helped develop the clinic so that has become a sustainable social enterprise.

Andrew is a partner in consultants Morgan Harris Burrows LLP and led this company’s contribution to the 2009 National Audit Office report on Adult Autism.