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Speaker Biography

Paloma Tarazona

Paloma Tarazona, Chief Executive, Fevecta (Federation of Worker Co-operatives, Spain)

Paloma has both a Law and a Business Management degree from the University of Valencia. She has spent the last 15 years working with social enterprises both in London and in the Region of Valencia in Spain, initially as a European project officer, then as a Regional Development project manager and finally as CEO at the Valencia Federation of Worker Co-operatives (FEVECTA). The latter from 2005 until present. FEVECTA is the representative organisation for 1800 worker co-operatives in Valencia. Their main objective is to promote the co-operative movement in the region and to represent the interests of the Valencian worker co-operative business community. They also provide worker co-operatives with training, information and business advice. Paloma also lectures in various postgraduate programmes at the University of Valencia as well as at the Valencian Polytechnic.