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Speaker Biography

Kollette Super

Kollette Super’s background is in graphic design and illustration and she joined Coventry University twelve years ago to teach on the renowned graphic design course. Her creative practice and research interests have focussed recently on the student enhancement agenda and the development of marketing strategies for art and design education. This work has lead to a number of awards including the Fresh Grand Prix Gold Award. She has extensive experience in curriculum development in the arts and has been Associate Head of Design and Visual Arts at Coventry School of Art and Design for the last four years where she has combined her professional knowledge of the practical and contextual applications of art and design with experience of interpreting vocational objectives for academic programmes of study both nationally and internationally.

She is Chair of the judging panel for MAD UK, an external examiner and adviser to a number of courses and institutions nationally and internationally and serves on a number of panels including UCAS, QCA and the BBC. She has travelled in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, securing collaborative links that have provided the foundation for the internationalisation of the design curriculum.