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Speaker Biography

Roger Street

Roger joined UKCIP in 2006 after working over for 30 years for the Canadian federal government, much of which focused on climate, and impacts and adaptation. Along with his role at UKCIP, he is also the Living with Environmental Change (LWEC) Climate Adaptation Fellow.

At UKCIP, he leads the Programme’s technical and scientific work, guiding risk, vulnerability and adaptation assessments, and delivering new supportive resources and tools. Roger also plays a leading role in the UK and internationally on developing and presenting climate information to inform these assessments and adaptation decisions. He also leads the Adaptation and Resilience to a Changing Climate Coordination Network which coordinates researcher and stakeholder engagement to inform adaptation policy and practice, focusing on the built environment and infrastructure sectors.

Roger also works internationally (e.g., China and Australia) with initiatives related to supporting and informing adaptation assessments, including training and developing guidance (e.g., Adaptation to Climate Change in China).