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Speaker Biography

Claire Smart

 Claire Smart
Claire’s background spans corporate, education and social care procurement both in unitary and county authorities. She has a history of leading major change within Gloucestershire through the implementation of SAP and a £14m procurement benefits program.

At national level Claire Smart has been organising chair of the annual Social Care Commissioning and Contracting Conference, has served as contributor to the DoH national contracting guidance, the National E-Procurement Partnership and Service Advisor for the IDeA. She is a member of the executive committee of SOPO and currently chairs the Local Government Collaborative Commissioning Group and the Local Government National Advisory Group for Procurement.

Claire’s mission is to deliver a joined up, professional and modern procurement agenda across every area of Local Government spend including the traditionally overlooked care and commissioning sectors. The value of this programme has already been demonstrated through the delivery of over £5m savings with the award winning South West regional learning disability pricing tool and database.