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Speaker Biography

Martin Taylor

Martin joined Motorola in 1993 as a graduate trainee in their finance department. Motorola chooses BPP to deliver its accountancy training and therefore Martin’s experience with BPP started as a student 20 years ago.

Martin joined BPP in 1999 as a tutor. He has taught on a wide variety of management and strategy papers and has held a number of different management positions within BPP culminating in his current role as CEO of the Professional Qualifications business unit which covers professional education towards accountancy, tax, actuarial, insolvency and financial services qualifications.

BPP’s professional qualification unit educates over 20,000 students per annum, from a network of centres across the UK. The majority of these students are sponsored by their employers and Martin holds the strategic account relationships with the top 5 employers.

Martin works closely with his colleagues in BPP’s University College to share his knowledge and experience of employer focused education – both from a student perspective and from an employer’s perspective.


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