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Speaker Biography

Dr Alison Stenton

Dr Alison Stenton is Co-Director of the Extended Medical Degree Programme at King’s College London where she is responsible for the selection of candidates to the programme, and for the academic development of students once they are enrolled.

The EMDP admits students from non-selective state schools in London and Kent who have the potential to study medicine but who, because of their educational background, may not have the GCSEs or A levels to secure them a place on a standard medical degree.

Alison’s academic background is in English Literature and Education studies. Alison attended state schools and was the first in her family to go to university; she understands that the challenge of widening participation in HE is not just about “getting there”, but also “flourishing there” – of ensuring that systems are in place to support students so that they can develop academically and achieve their full potential.