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Speaker Biography

Trevor Smith

Trevor joined the ICAEW in 1991 just prior to the commencement of the UK audit monitoring regime, having previously gained extensive experience within the UK auditing profession. He is a Chartered Accountant.

Trevor is one of two Regional Directors of the ICAEW monitoring function and has specific responsibility for audit monitoring across the UK. In this capacity, he leads a team of 20 quality assurance reviewers and manages client relationships with leading UK firms.

Over the years, Trevor has lead and managed ICAEW monitoring visits to many of the current top 20 audit firms and has acquired an in-depth familiarity with their audit methodologies and related quality assurance procedures. He has also been heavily involved in ICAEW’s activities providing training, coaching and mentoring in audit monitoring to overseas bodies.

In the public sector, Trevor oversees ICAEW’s contract with Monitor for the review of NHS Foundation trust audits and ICAEW’s monitoring work on behalf of CIPFA.

Trevor has contributed to many forums and working groups in areas related to regulatory standards, monitoring regimes and quality assurance schemes.