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Speaker Biography

Paul Simkins

Paul trained with Thomson McLintock (KPMG) and held senior finance roles/directorships in service and manufacturing businesses, most recently with the British Standards Institute, before his appointment as Director of QAD in 2003.

He became ICAEW's money laundering reporting officer in 2006. In autumn 2009 Paul was elected chairman of the UK's Anti-Money Laundering Supervisors Forum.

QAD performs ICAEW's monitoring function for c. 12,000 ICAEW firms/practitioners in relation to Audit, Insolvency, DPB and Practice Assurance. In recent years QAD has worked with several overseas auditing and oversight bodies to build better standards in auditing - through better regulation and quality monitoring. QAD's work has encompassed training, consultancy and the provision of monitoring services in countries such as Greece, Dubai, Croatia, Bulgaria and Turkey

QAD is also responsible for performing ICAEW's monitoring responsibilities as a Supervisory Authority under the new Money Laundering Regulations (2007).