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Speaker Biography

Geoff Symonds

Geoff Symonds is Head of Transport Strategy for AEG Europe, owners and operators of The O2 on the Greenwich Peninsula. He is responsible for all aspects of transport at an operational and strategic level. Geoff was the author of The O2 Travel Plan whilst advising AEG as a consultant with his previous employer. He then moved to AEG where he has successfully delivered the Travel Plan under the challenging circumstances posed by the Jubilee Line upgrade.

Geoff has overseen the replacement transport strategy for The O2 over the last 18 months managing over 50 arena events with no Jubilee Line. Geoff also plays an active role in the management and strategic planning of the Thames Clippers river service (also owned by AEG) and played a fundamental part in delivering the integration with the PAYG Oyster payment system.

Prior to joining AEG, Geoff worked in the private sector for Symonds Group, Capita Symonds and Transport Planning Practice on a range of projects. This included Transport Assessment, accessibility planning and travel plan work on a range of mixed used schemes.