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Speaker Biography

Brian Thomas

 Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas is the Director of Business Development and an Executive member of the Durham Tees Valley Probation Trust Board.

The Business Development Unit provides reassurance to the Chief Executive Officer that the Services he commissions provide value for money and deliver demonstrable outcomes with offenders.

Adapting the principles of Lean Management and Best Value into an organisation strategy ‘Delivering Improved Offender Services’ (D.I.O.S) has ensured ownership of a culture shift that is driven by a shared commitment to develop services that are effective, efficient and competitive.

D.I.O.S. has driven significant improvements to front line services and has supported the Trust Board to manage a 4 million pound reduction in resources whilst maintaining and improving the quality and impact of the work they undertake with offenders and communities.

Brian’s ideology is ‘if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got’!


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