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Speaker Biography

Stephen Taylor

 Stephen Taylor
Former Chief Executive of the Leadership Centre for Local Government and Director, Blakesley Associates.

Together with TPP Law and the accountants Buzzacott, Stephen Taylor of Blakesley Associates advises councils on whether employee mutuals can be part of their response to current challenges.
As chief executive of the Leadership Centre for Local Government 2006-9 he initiated ‘Total Place’, which has now become community budgets. He is assisting four county councils and two unitaries on deep organisational, cultural and service change.
As a business adviser he has worked over the years in twenty countries and with the board of every government department, the Bank of England, about forty councils and a dozen FTSE companies. A feature in The Independent described him as ‘the most sought after consultant in the UK.’ He has been a non-executive director of the UK Border Agency, of what is now Local Government Improvement & Development and of BPP, the UK’s largest trainer for professional qualifications.